What is Infield Engineering?

Our company provides a wide selection of electric, remote-controlled planes. These include:

What is Infield Engineering?

A series of CAD designed, electric, remote controlled aircraft kits.

Laser cut for accuracy and ease of assembly.

Inexpensive to outfit.

Light enough to be flown in tight quarters.

Like a softball field.

Laser Cut RC Planes

With the help of laser cutting, our aircraft kits have designs accurately modeled to the original warbirds. This also makes it easier to assemble the kits.

Inexpensive to Outfit

You might be planning on adding some modifications on your aircraft but are hesitant due to budget constraints. You won’t have the same problem with our aircraft kits since outfitting them does not require you to spend more than you need.

Our Planes Are Light

You don’t have to be in a large open field to fly our aircraft. Our products are designed to operate even in small areas without affecting the quality of the planes.

Own a Warbird Today

Do not hesitate to get your own remote-controlled plane. Contact our team to get one today!